How much is my car worth?

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How much is your car worth?


This is a growing topic since 2017. If you haven’t found a tool to use to know your vehicle worth we will provide a template to help you understand what your car is worth and how you can enhance the worth to get the most bang for your buck.


We will include areas like cleanliness, external condition i.e.; paint, rust, dents, and your normal wear-and-tear, internal conditions i.e.; seat condition, stains, dashboard condition,  and some more examples. These areas are crucial to factor in the worth of your vehicle and how difficult it can be to sell it privately unless your vehicle is a Junker, we all know that you want to get as much as you can but time can also factor in the decision.


Here at Bill Luke, we utilize tools like “Kelley Blue Book” because we know that KBB offers an unbiased offer value on your vehicle.




Did you maintain your vehicle as long as you had it? You will be able to do research on the maintenance the vehicle had utilizing tools like Carfax. Even though Carfax has its costs, a vehicle purchase is still a large purchase, people want to know that their investment is going to be in good shape, so they are more than likely are going to spend $40 on a Carfax report than not.  If you want to make it easier, provide the Carfax report yourself.


If you maintained your vehicle on-time that will help maintain a good value for your vehicle.


Year & Mileage

With each passing year and every mile driven, your vehicle decreases the value.

If you are driving a 2-4-year-old vehicle and you are trying to sell it, this will make it either very difficult to get the value you are trying to sell it for.


Let’s get to your vehicle’s worth.


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